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We use 256-bit bank-level encryption with OAuth 2.0 industry-standard protocol for authorization.
We also connect to your account in read-only mode.


You can lie to yourself,
your data won't.

Approach your health as an engineer and improve your parameters day by day by reverse engineering your health data.


Insights done right.

Give your health data a brain. Take advantage of the latest technology and discover insights about your body.


Reach your goals with
data-driven plans.

Let Lili generate personal plans based on your insights to help you reach your goals faster.

Personal assistant 24/7.

Ask questions, get overviews or compare parameters and stay in sync with your body.


Track anything.
See what works.

Track your symptoms, tags, and mood to include them in the analysis.

Get reports.
Spot trends.

Stay on track effortlessly and start meeting your better self with a help of artificial intelligence.


How it works?


Securely connect
your health data.


Receive insights and
weekly plans.


Learn more
about your body.

Here's what others think about us

Finally, an app that gives you your health data in a simple and easy way for long term, it'll help you to understand your health and your body better using long term data which is exactly what I want.

-Fares A

Very cool app for your fitbit! I like the trending information it gives, and I'm excited to see how they update the features and insights. Will definitely be using it a lot.

-Vladimir K

Data that is beautifully presented with unique and beneficial insights. The app is extremely polished and feels on par and even better than the native Fitbit app. What an amazing idea!

-Zura S

This app is a great way to see detailed health information and trends over time.

-Gabrielle L

Really neat way of looking at your health data to identify correlations and insights.

-Brandon S

I love Lili. Modern fun, and easy. I tried Whoop but didn't like having another device and subscription. Lili is perfect for me to get basic trends and review data.

-Rebecca H

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📆 Daily tags, Symptoms, and Mood logging.

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🧠 Advanced health data insights.
📈 Weekly and Monthly reports.
💬 Unlimited chat with Lili.
📆 Daily tags, Symptoms, and Mood logging
🥒 Daily tasks based on your data patterns.

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Don't have a Fitbit or
Apple watch device?

We currently support Apple Health and Fitbit but will soon open up to other providers
(Oura ring, Garmin, etc.)

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We are building an AI-powered human optimization assistant to
prevent 1 million diseases with the power of health data analysis.

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